Industrial moves

Moving a plant, Factory, or large commercial operation requires meticulous organization and planning. Here are some top tips for ensuring a successful industrial move with Chevron Sea Shipping.

Appoint a Project Manager : To streamline the process and minimize business interruption, designate a capable project manager for the move. This individual should possess the authority to facilitate cooperation within the organization, along with strong interpersonal skills and impeccable organizational abilities.

Develop a Comprehensive Plan and Timeline : Start by establishing a budget and then craft a detailed plan and timeline for the move. This should encompass schedules for disassembling and reassembling large equipment, as well as a robust communication strategy. Key questions to address during the planning phase include:

  • Pre-move survey with our Expert Project Engineers and understand the scope of JOB.
  • What is the timeframe for relocation
  • Provide Quote according to the Survey
  • Project panning & Execution discussion.
  • Necessary approval from the Government Department / Authorities
  • Schedule the project. And execute.

Create a Detailed Checklist : Once the tasks are identified, compile a comprehensive checklist to ensure that each aspect of the move is addressed punctually. Checklist items may include:

  • Detailed Planning .
  • Notifying relevant stakeholders.
  • Identifying employees about the relocation.
  • Conducting inventory assessments.
  • Notify the existing damages / The Risk Factor for the Job

Secure Employee Cooperation:

  • Hold meetings with employees to secure their cooperation throughout the relocation process.
  • Clarify their roles and responsibilities, including whether they will assist with packing or need to adjust their schedules.
  • Maintain open communication with employees and encourage feedback whenever feasible.

Choose a Reliable Industrial Mover: Commence the selection process for a professional moving company early on. When assessing potential moving companies, give preference to those with a wealth of experience in managing industrial moves that align closely with the specific requirements of your own.

An experienced industrial mover, such as Chevron Sea Shipping, can serve as a valuable partner, guiding your company through every stage of the relocation. From assisting with facility layout design to executing equipment audits and devising efficient disassembly and reassembly schedules, a seasoned mover can significantly mitigate disruptions to your business operations.

With years of specialized moving expertise, Chevron Sea Shipping is equipped to ensure a seamless transition for your company. Contact us today to leverage our specialized team of industrial movers, complete with the necessary machinery, trucks, equipment, and riggings, to execute your move promptly and within budget.

Contact Chevron Sea Shipping at +971 588257577 today to discuss your industrial relocation needs.

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