Plan before shipping your wood boxes with us.

When you deal with Chevron Sea Shipping, you can be assured that we will deliver quality across our total range of wooden packaging products and services. And we are careful that this quality comes to you at competitive and affordable rates for maximum cost-effective results. We aim to keep our prices the best in the business across our total range.

Wooden packaging has environmental benefits such as lowering the company’s overall environmental footprint. Being aware of all factors in the shipping process can ultimately save you time and money, getting your product from starting point to the destination and back again! Consider all the space being utilized, know your packaging options and think about how your product will enter and exit the shipping container.

Wood continues to take its place as a sought-after material for international trade. After being sterilized and fumigated as per the requisite international standards, it is fit for use for cargo and goods transportation. Wooden packaging comes in various forms such as crates, pallets, boxes, bins, reels, drums, and dunnage. In addition, wood crates provide the kind of security that isn’t found in another transportation packaging, such as pallets.  Wooden industrial shipping crates usually have the product completely sealed up inside.  The walls of wooden crates are often screwed together, making it more difficult for anyone to nefariously get to the products inside. Products are also much less likely to fall off the truck, as can occasionally happen with palletized products that aren’t secured properly.

During the packing, loading, unloading, and transport of your products, your transportation packaging can encounter a lot of mechanical stress that puts your products in jeopardy of being damaged.  Wooden crates are built for that kind of abuse.  This type of industrial shipping crate is built to handle not only the load but the mechanical stress as well.

Space Utilization:  Why does it matter to have a plan prior to shipment? Well, if you are utilizing international sea containers, designing packaging to optimize the payload can dramatically reduce the cost. By implementing a packaging plan in advance, you can load a higher value of goods while the freight charges remain constant. When voids of space occur within the load, blocking and bracing are necessary to avoid load shifting that can potentially destroy the contents. By creating a packaging configuration that best utilizes the internal dimensions of the containers, labor & materials for such blocking and bracing are greatly reduced.

Chevron Sea Shipping designed heat-treated wood boxes that held the maximum amount of parts while not exceeding the maximum dimensions. Additionally, this method saved time during loading and unloading by eliminating blocking and bracing needs.

It’s hard to imagine how wooden crates could be any more environmentally friendly than that. As an added bonus, they can be easily stacked, making them very easy to store and reuse. 

When you’re looking at the overall costs of your packaging, you should also consider the cost of in-transit damage. Some types of transportation packaging are more prone to in-transit damage than others. Wooden crates provide a complete barrier between your product and the environment, which can significantly lower the damage that your products sustain during transport. Timber cases or wooden boxes that are fully enclosed. Chevron Sea Shipping custom makes all our cases from either Softwood, Plywood, or a combination of both. A fully enclosed crate ensures maximum security and protection of your goods. If these aren’t a concern, a crate with gaps might be worth considering.

Our Consultants can visit and advise with the below features:

  • Timber Sourced From Sustainable Forests
  • Australian/USA Made
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Custom Made
  • Softwood or Plywood

We are industry leaders with decades of experience supporting us. It’s our hope that every customer has the confidence that we do when they choose to crate, pack, and ship their valuables with us. 

Our custom wood crating and shipping services are unmatched. Contact us today and let’s get your shipment crated and moving. Provide some information on your needs and we’ll get back to you right away with a figure you can use in your planning. If you’d like to have a chat about your options, give us a call, or send an email and we’ll give you a call right back.