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We are an International Cargo Company based in UAE. Our aim is to provide affordable & quality services.

Our Door-to-Door Caro delivery plays a vital role in our International presence which has gained us, customers, across the seas. Our promising transit time and prompt delivery fetched us a huge volume in the door-to-door cargo segment. The Door-to-Door Cargo Service is the most amazing innovation in the cargo delivery field. It gives the customers peace of mind! Chevron Shipping will take care of the parcel by picking it up from your door and sending it to the location of the receiver. Are you looking for a reliable & cheap door-to-door cargo service from the UAE to Globe? Connect @ +971 588257577. Our door-to-door cargo pick-up and delivery service are one of our core services. We offer door pick-up, customs clearance, and documentation formalities at the origin and destination. For more information regarding door-to-door service, please contact +971 588257577.

Door to Door Cargo Services Dubai sports city
Door to Door Shipping Company Dubai Marina

We are he trusted Door-to-Door Cargo Providers in the UAE.

We have a more economical solution via Sea Freight, in which the transit time will be longer than Express Cargo. The average transit time for Economical Sea Cargo starts from 20 days, depending on the destination country. We offer the best Sea Cargo service from UAE to most cities in Western Europe & GCC, India & more.

We are backed by a team of dedicated professionals supported by an advanced IT system to ensure the job is done right, on time, every time.

We can ship your cargo right from your door to any destination around the world (or vice versa). You don’t need to be worried about documents, packing, or deadlines. Chevron Shipping is prepared to fulfill your needs and meet all requirements.

Our team will pick up the parcel from your house in the UAE and deliver it to the desired destination in India or in GCC (or vice versa). We have sent thousands of parcels and we guarantee the quickest turnaround and the cheapest cost. Also, our team provides great support and communication. We promise to be in constant communication with you until your parcel will be successfully delivered. We will ensure that you get the best out of the service.

Door to Door Cargo Services Dubai Marina

Why Choose US:

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Security For Cargo

Key features of Chevron Sea Shipping Door-to-Door services:

  • Uniform charge per box for any legitimate destination.
  • East tracking facility with a unique tracking code.
  • Each delivery will follow a standard with the most efficient door-to-door facility.
  • Secured packing will be done with 100% safety on your goods.
  • With proper documentation, all kinds of commercial bookings are allowed.

What you can send:

  • General Goods (Bags, shoes, clothes, household items etc.)
  • Home appliances (TV,   Fridge, Cooking Range, Washing Machine, Oven etc..) 
  • Personal products (Lotions, cream etc.)
  • Commercial products (Items for sale)

What you cannot send:

  • Drugs (Drugs or medicines in any form or state are restricted)
  • Hazardous Items (Any goods, products or other items containing hazardous materials or items susceptible to spillage)
  • Weapons (Weapons of all kinds are prohibited. Including knives)
  • Currency, Coins, Gold etc.
  • Toys with batteries. 

Insurance for door-to-door cargo services:

  • We do not offer insurance for the transit from UAE to India/GCC. However, you can arrange for goods in transit insurance independently if your Goods are of high value.
  • We take utmost care of all the goods in our possession, and we make sure that items are securely wrapped to avoid damage while in transit.

We follow a standard packing and moving feature through Sea freight. Our team has graced the prior judgment of the customers in the UAE. As we convey consignment within the performed time frame, engaging the set deadline. Furthermore, Owing to the assistance and aims of our team members, Chevron Sea Shipping can able to meet the quick demands of our clients efficiently. We have got a wide preference for transit that allows us to render a comprehensive guarantee to the Chevron Sea Shipping Client for providing safe shipment of the consignments. For more assistance, do a call @ +971 588257577

Fast Delivery Processing:

We have the access to Sea delivery facilities, as soon as our team will receive your parcel it will be shipped to India or GCC (or vice versa). The shipment depends on the weight of your parcel. If the parcel is heavy, or big in size, it will be sent via ship. Charges depend on the mode of the shipment & the weight of your parcel. However, we ensure the best door-to-door cargo service that won’t let you be worried about the pricing.

Over a period of time, Chevron Sea Shipping has developed a highly effective and efficient customer-oriented service, tailored with packages to the precise need of each customer.

Seamless Door-to-Door Shipping Services in DownTown Dubai

At Chevron Shipping, we take pride in offering top-notch Door to Door Cargo Services in DownTown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Marina and the surrounding areas. Whether you require SEA or Air Cargo services, our dedicated team is committed to providing efficient and reliable solutions for all your shipping needs.

Door to Door Shipping Expertise

As a leading Door to Door Shipping Company in DownTown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, and Dubai Marina, we offer comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to meet your requirements. Our expert team ensures a hassle-free shipping experience, managing the entire process from pickup to delivery right at your doorstep. With our vast network and streamlined operations, we guarantee timely and secure transportation of your cargo.

Door to Door Cargo Services

Our Door to Door Cargo Services in DownTown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, and Dubai Marina offer a convenient and efficient way to transport your goods. Whether you are shipping personal belongings, commercial merchandise, or industrial equipment, we handle every aspect of the logistics process. Our dedicated team ensures that your cargo is handled with the utmost care and delivered safely to your desired destination.

Reliable Sea Cargo Services

If you require SEA Cargo Services in DownTown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, and Dubai Marina, look no further. Chevron Shipping provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for shipping goods via sea. Our extensive experience in sea freight enables us to optimize routes, manage documentation, and handle customs procedures efficiently. Trust us to handle your SEA cargo needs, ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing.

Efficient Air Cargo Services

For swift and efficient delivery of your goods, our Air Cargo Services in DownTown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, and Dubai Marina are your ideal choice. We understand the importance of time-sensitive shipments and offer expedited air freight options to meet your deadlines. Our team of experts ensures smooth coordination, proper packaging, and efficient handling to guarantee the safe and timely arrival of your cargo.

When it comes to Door to Door Shipping Services in DownTown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, and Dubai Marina, Chevron Shipping stands out as a reliable and trusted partner. We are committed to providing seamless logistics solutions tailored to your needs, whether you require SEA cargo or air cargo services. With our extensive network, dedicated team, and customer-centric approach, we ensure a hassle-free experience and prompt delivery of your cargo. Contact us today to discuss your shipping requirements and let us handle the rest.