Our Handyman Team taking care
  • Dis assemble and re-assembly of Furniture
  • TV Wall Mount
  • Chandelier fixing
  • Painting Jobs
  • Drilling Jobs
  • Connection of Appliances
  • Wall Frames hanging.
  • Fixing of new Furniture

Disassemble and Reassembly of Furniture by Chevron Sea Shipping

Our large team of highly qualified, specialist assemblers and packers will take care of disassembling, preserving, and packing your possessions as if they were their own, ensuring total protection and preservation of furniture, electronic equipment, artwork, documentation, or any other object that you wish to entrust to us for transportation in UAE. 

After 10+ years of providing excellent service to our clients, you can trust us with even your most tricky furniture disassembly and reassembly needs. We’ll treat all your items with equal care, from your everyday pieces to your most precious furniture. Our deep knowledge of furniture construction and assembly should give you confidence that we can provide you with the high-end, efficient moving service you’ve been searching for.

We can disassemble and reassemble any type of furniture in UAE using the most advanced techniques, machinery, and tools. We have extensive experience in assembly services for companies of all sizes and for individuals. For companies, our services in UAE include the disassembly and assembly of shelves, bookshelves, tables, partitions, custom-made furniture, and more. For household furniture, we also take care of all types of furniture, regardless of structure or fragility: tables, closets, wooden paneling, shelves, dressers, kitchens, and everything you need. 

Reach us at +971 588257577 to discuss the furniture disassembly and reassembly services you need.

TV Wall Mount Installation by Chevron Sea Shipping

Mounting a TV isn’t quite as simple as you might think. If you don’t have the right TV wall bracket, or you’re using the wrong wall plugs in the wrong type of wall, you could be looking at some very large holes and a TV that seems to have found a new home on the floor – in pieces! Finding a TV wall mount installation service can help minimize any unnecessary expenses and repairs, saving you both time and money.

We provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision as to which television wall mount installation service best suits your needs and your budget. We are the best TV Wall Mount Installation Agency in UAE.

Chandelier fixing Service by Chevron Sea Shipping:

We can repair, replace and restore your chandelier to bring it back to its pristine condition. Our chandelier repair services include finding replacement arms and parts, rewiring of sockets, converting chandeliers to UL, locating replacement crystals, crystal repinning and polishing. We have extensive experience working in both residential and commercial environments.

At Chevron Sea Shipping we specialize in repairing and restoring antique chandeliers and transforming them to a new, improved condition. We have worked extensively with chandeliers that have suffered from fire, smoke, and water damage. We understand chandeliers hold a very special place in one’s home and heart. If you believe, as many of our clients do, that the benefit of repairing and restoring your chandelier outweighs the option of replacing entirely, then we are here to help.

Our expert restoration or repair of your chandelier includes the following processes:

  • Re-wiring
  • Re-pinning
  • Various metal finishes
  • Replacement crystals and parts
  • Hand polishing

Through Chevron Sea Shipping Painting Services, enjoy a holistic painting experience all under one roof. Connect with expert painters, access multiple color selection tools and fulfill all your painting requirements seamlessly.

What We Offer’s:

Interior Painting:  When it comes to painting your home’s interiors, you want the best job done. It could be just one accent wall or a complete redo, your home deserves the best experts to give you the best painting services. Chevron Sea Shipping interior wall painting services provide you with seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Because we know, the right wall paint can make a world of difference to transform your home’s overall look and style!

Exterior Painting: The first impression may not always be the last impression but it definitely sets up a precedent. Choose Chevron Sea Shipping exterior wall painting services to paint textures and patterns onto your exteriors. Make them look classy and elite with our ideas and make your house stand out. Painting your walls with warm colors on the outside can complement the luxury they hold within. 

Choose Chevron Sea Shipping to decorate your exteriors today!

Commercial Painting: Office boardrooms, lecture theatres, or entire corporate buildings, all of them need a set design and pattern. Your office should sprout creativity and enthusiasm in your employees. Creative interiors and exteriors are not just important to your clients, but also set the mood for a healthy workplace. Chevron Sea Shipping brings to you our commercial painting services– meant for professional and commercial spaces.

Designer Walls: Walls can communicate your style and class. A single wall can make or break your room’s interiors. Chevron Sea Shipping gives you the perfect wall makeover with the best wall colors. Choose from our range of sleek designs and add the trendiest colors to your own custom designs. Choose designs, stencils, or textures to give your walls the treat they deserve.

Kids World: Energy and Curiosity is every kid’s middle name. Do not let the enthusiasm in them die with dull walls. Chevron Sea Shipping brings to you our range of wall designs and patterns for your little buddy. Footballs and unicorns, Dora and Chota Bheem, Noddy or Cinderella, your kid love them all. Give your kid the surprise they deserve. Transform walls into favorite characters every day!

Curtain Fitting Services by Chevron Sea Shipping



Hanging the curtains on a properly fitted rod is a must. It ensures that the curtains are well-placed and do not touch the floor. The height measurement must be done by experts. All these things can be availed on Chevron Sea Shipping. Get the Curtain Rod Fitting service within a few clicks today!